Do you have a friend in your workshop?

The 5 best things about my “beautiful workshop friend – Florence”

1) We know each other very well indeed

Having known each other now for nearly 13 years, Florence and I understand each others behaviour, little foibles and habits! This obvioulsy works well for us both – I will scratch her back…….whilst she knows when I have had enough and I need a little cuddle.


2) Florence is the best critic of my work.

She basically loves EVERYTHING that I do – brilliant!!


3) Florence is the best company!

She is ALWAYS happy to see me, even when I am not in the best of moods. I just have to look at her gorgeous face smiling up at me from her bed (yes she has a bed at work – such a lucky girl) and I know we are going to have a good day. She is such a great listener, taking in everything I say and she never disagrees with me – perfect!


4) Florence is very aware of health and safety at work and in particular, she doesn’t like a lot of noise,

So when I start hammering away at my silver, banging and crashing about creating my latest piece, she decides that after a while I should take care of both our ears and quieten down a little.


5) And lastly, Florence understands the importance of taking regular breaks whilst at work.

It is very easy for me to get really into making something and to completely forget the time. Well, my workshop friend is very good at noticing that I have not had a break for a while and she likes to take little tea breaks too. So, she sticks her lovely wet nose on my arm or my leg (and if I don’t respond – I get a nose up my bottom – that is what Labradors do) to remind me that we both need a little break from work, a cuppa tea for me and a biscuit and cuddle for her!

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