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Sparks By Juliette is proud to bring you the latest jewellery trend that is all over TikTok!

What is Permanent Jewellery?

It is an exciting new and bespoke way to wear jewellery that is made to be worn each and every day!

You can choose from a range of elegant chain that is then seamlessly welded with a “Spark” around your wrist to become a beautiful piece of permanent jewellery.

Celebrate friendships, special milestones, weddings, graduation, or a birthday with this unique experience – book with your loved ones to match each other or just treat yourself!

Permanent Jewellery

Sparks Jewellery options

Sterling silver – the silver chains and charms are made of sterling silver which is naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for everyday wear.

14K Gold Filled – the gold filled chains and charms are made of layers of gold which are heated and pressure bonded to create durable, hypoallergenic jewellery. The 14K gold layer is thick enough for everyday wear and is more affordable than solid gold. Take care of your gold filled jewellery as instructed and it can last a lifetime.

9ct Gold – chains and charms are available in 9ct yellow gold but this needs to be ordered in advance so please contact me so that I can ensure that I have the jewellery in stock ready for your appointment.

We purchase our “Sparks” Jewellery from Goodman Bros who responsibly source the chains. The chains are tested by the Birmingham Assay Office using the “AnchorCert Protect” chemical compliance programme to ensure the chains comply with REACH regulations under lead, cadmium and nickel. The chains have also undergone a cupellation and XRF test to certify the integrity of the chain and to validate the metallic composition and carat stated. A guarantee card will be issued to you at your appointment and can be used for authenticity and traceability.

Sterling Silver
14K Gold Filled
Sparks by Juliette

Price List

Sterling Silver £45 - 50
Gold Filled (Light) £60
Gold Filled (Heavy) £70 – 80

Sterling Silver £60
Gold Filled - coming soon

Gold Filled LETTERS £20
Silver LETTERS £10
Gold Filled Charms £10
Silver Charms £5 – 12
Silver Birthstone Charms - £20

Silver £5
Gold Filled £7



“Sparks” by Juliette Jewellery Experience = £20 per person – the deposit is then taken off the price of your Jewellery at your appointment.

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