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Introducing our adorable “Little Fish Stud Earrings,” a charming expression of aquatic elegance. Handmade with care from recycled fine silver, these delightful stud earrings capture the playful spirit of underwater life in a tiny but stylish form.


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Materials: Crafted from recycled fine silver, our “Little Fish Stud Earrings” are a testament to sustainable and ethical jewellery creation. Each stud is intricately shaped to depict a tiny fish, celebrating the beauty of marine inspiration. The butterfly back is made of recycled sterling silver.

Juliette extends her commitment to sustainability through her packaging. Your earrings will arrive in an eco-friendly box, reflecting her dedication to reducing waste.

Design: These stud earrings offer a whimsical nod to the underwater world, featuring petite fish silhouettes that add a touch of aquatic charm to your style. The intricate detailing showcases the craftsmanship that goes into creating each tiny fish, making these earrings a delightful accessory for any occasion.

Handmade with Love: each piece is unique, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication that go into creating these small works of art.

Versatile Charm: The “Little Fish Stud Earrings” are versatile and perfect for everyday wear. Their dainty size and charming design make them a delightful addition to your jewellery collection, adding a touch of aquatic whimsy to your look. Perfect gift for that “Pisces” in your life!

Dive into the world of aquatic elegance with our “Little Fish Stud Earrings.” Elevate your style with these playful and sustainable accessories, bringing a touch of the ocean’s charm to your everyday look. Order your pair today and let the little fish add a splash of joy to your jewellery collection.


1 x earring = Length 12mm Width 3.5mm Weight 0.3g (with butterfly back on)

Every order comes with a free Silver Jewellery Care Guide and Silver Polishing Cloth.

Each item is either stamped with my Maker's Mark, has a Sterling Silver tag with my Maker's Mark attached, or is hallmarked.

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